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- Given name : Anne-Christine

- Surname : da Silva

- Occupation: teachning assistant position (ULg)

- Adress : Pétrologie sédimentaire, B20, Géologie, Université de Liège, Sart Tilman, B-4000 Liège (Belgium).

- Tel. : + 32 04 / 3662258

- E-mail : /

- Fax : + 32 04 / 366.29.21


for a phD in cyclostratigraphy, full details here


Research interests

(1) establishing a methodology to recognize and quantify the preservation of the original climatic signal;

(2) building high-resolution time scales for portions of the Devonian;

(3) revealing and constraining remarkable environmental events such as global anoxia, climatic changes and faunal turnovers that occurred during the Devonian.



- Keywords: sedimentary petrology, sequence stratigraphy, carbonate sediments, paleo-environmental research, stromatoporoid palaeocology, diagenesis and carbon and oxygen isotopic studies, reservoir properties, magnetic susceptibility application in carbonate sedimentology, environmental magnetism, cyclostratigraphy, climatic cyclicities.

- Research projects

 - Technical experiences : Fieldwork, geological mapping, sedimentary petrology, cathodoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), magnetic susceptibility measurements (Kappabridge KLY-2 and KLY-3), hysteresis acquisition curves, NRM and IRM, Petrophysics measurements (mercury porosity device and permeability device), Carbon and Oxygen isotopes, trace and major elements fluorescence X, Clay mineral analysis.

 - Teaching - student supervision experiences :


- B.Sc. Geology (ULg, 1999) - Geological mapping, sedimentology and structural geology of the Vaux-Sous-Chèvremont – Soumagne area

- PhD Geology (ULg, 2004) - Sedimentology of the Belgian Frasnian carbonate platform (FRIA Grant)

- Posdoctoral research at the University of Bordeaux III - EGIDE Institute - Environnement Géo-Ingénierie et Développement, 2005-2006 / Financial support from TOTAL

- Postoctoral Research at ULg and Brunel University Institute for the Environment, London, 2007-2011 (FNRS Grant)

- Postdoctoral research at the University of Utrecht Natherlands, 2014-2017 / grant from NWO.


Scientific leadership

  • Main leader of the IGCP-652 project, UNESCO, 250 researchers from 35 countries): Reading geologic time in Paleozoic sedimentary rocks: the need for an integrated stratigraphy. - Tutorial member (national correspondent) of the Subcomission of Devonian Stratigraphy (2016-running) – Corresponding Member of the Subcomission of Devonian Stratigraphy (2014-2016) - Member of the scientific book Editorial committee of the Geological Society of London (2016-2019)
  • Review Editor (2014-…) for the open access journal Frontiers in Earth Science (section Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism)
  • Scientific committee: 2nd deep-water circulation congress: the contourite log book", 10-12 September 2014, at the University of Ghent, Belgium.
  • Main leader of the IGCP-580 project, UNESCO, 2009-2014, 200 researchers from 45 countries): application of magnetic susceptibility as a paleoclimatic proxy
  • Meeting organization, IGCP 580 – 596: Geophysial and Geochemical teachniques: a window on the Palaeozoic world. Alberta, Canada, 27th August – 4th September 2013
  • Key note lecture at 34th International Geological Meeting, Brisbane, Australia, Aug. 2012        
  • Organization of a special session: application of magnetic susceptibility on greenhouse sediments, at the International Geologica Belgica meeting, Sept. 2012.
  • Meeting organization (Suttner, Kido, Piller, Da Silva, Corradini, Simonetto, Muscio, Pondrelli, Corriga), IGCP 580 - Magnetic Susceptibility and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry through time. Graz, 24-30th June 2012
  • Key note lecture at Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Paleozoic (Early Devonian to Late Carboniferous) opening meeting, Graz, Austria, Sept. 2011.
  • Scientific Committee Miroslav Krs conference: time, magnetism, records, systems and solution. The 2011 Annual IGCP-580 Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic, Oct. 2011.
  • Meeting organization (Chen, D. and Da Silva, AC.), IGCP-580 meeting, magnetic susceptibility, correlations and paleoenvironments, 30 nov. – 4 Dec. 2010, Guilin, China.
  • Meeting organization (Da Silva and Boulvain), IGCP 580 Meeting, Magnetic susceptibility, correlations and paleoenvironements, 2-6 December 2009, Liège University, Belgium. 
  • Chairwoman IAS International Congress, Fukuoka (2006) “carbonate diagenesis, chemistry and hydrogeochemstry “ session.

International research activities
  • 2014-20XX: Research with M.J. Dekkers & F. Hilgen at Utrecht University, Geosciences
  • 2010 : research with J. Reitner at the Department of Geobiology, Goettingen University, Germany (1 week)
  • 2010: Research on the paleoecology of Devonian stromatoporoids (5 month at Brunel University, London)
  • 2009: Research on the paleoecology of Devonian stromatoporoids (7 month at Brunel University, London)
  • October 2008: Research on rock magnetism, Paleomagnetic laboratory, Ford Hoofddijk, Utrecht University (Netherlands), in collaboration with Mark Dekkers (2 weeks).
  • July 2008 Research on the Devonian of the Canning Basin, Australia, with A. George (University of Western Australia) and N. Chow (University of Manitoba), at the University of Western Australia (5 weeks).
  • June 2008 Palaeocology of Devonian Stromatoporoids, research with S. Kershaw at Brunel University, London, UK (5 weeks).
  • 2005-2006 Two 6 months post-doc in Bordeaux III University, in association with TOTAL on reservoir properties, under supervision of A. Cerepi (1 year).
  • Dec. 2003 Research on sequence stratigraphy of the Frasnian with E.. Vennin at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (1 week).
  • Oct. 2002 Research on the Frasnian of the Rockies with M.T. Whalen, Fairbanks University, Alaska, USA (2 weeks).
  • Aug. - Oct. 2002 Research on the Frasnian of the Rockies and core and field sampling with J. Weissenberger (Encana) and K. Potma (Esso), at the Geological Survey of Calgary with B. Beauchamp (2 months).
  • Sept. 2001 Magnetic susceptibility measurements at Lille University with O. Averbuch (10 days).

Scientific outreach



  • 2012 Award Agathon De Potter, from the « Académie des Sciences de Belgique » – Géologie, mineralogie et cristallographie (period 2009-2011)
  • 2011 Award Edmond de Selys Longchamps, from the « Académie des Sciences de Belgique », for research published on the Belgian fossil fauna of Belgium (period 2006-2010).
  • 2004 Award of the « Fondation Wallonne Pierre-Marie et Jean-François Humblet » for the PhD thesis recognized as a work which enriched the knowledge and contributed to the development of Wallonia (3.000 €).
  • 2002 Award of the Best Poster at the International Geologica Belgica Meeting, Leuven
  • 2000 Award and Medal Clément Guion for the gratudate thesis
  • 2000 Award Fourmarier
  • 1999 Award of the best graduate thesis of geology at Liege University

Publications (complete publication list here and off-prints available here)


  • Da Silva, A.C.; Dekkers, M.J.; De Vleeschouwer, D.; Hladil, J.; Chadimova, L.; Slavík, L. and Hilgen, F.J. Devonian greenhouse millennial cycles manifest Hallsatt solar cycle and Milankovitch combination tones. Geology. Open access, accepted



  • Percival, L.M.E., Davies, J.H.F.L., Schaltegger, U., De Vleeschouwer, D., Da Silva, A.C., Föllmi, K.B. (2018) Precisely dating the Frasnian–Famennian boundary: implications for the cause of the Late Devonian mass extinction. Scientific Report, 8, 9598.
  • Djouder, H., Lüning, S., Da Silva, A.C., Abdallah, H., Boulvain, F. (2018) Sedimentology, ichnology and sequence stratigraphy of the Silurian Succession from the Tassili n’Ajjer Outcrops (SE Algeria). African Journal of Earth Sciences. 142, 170-192
  • Hodgson, D.M., Bernhardt, A., Clare, M., Da Silva, A.C., Fosdick, J., Mauz, B., Midtkandal, I., Owen, A., Romans, B. (2018) Grand Challenges (and Great Opportunities) in Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Diagenesis Research. Frontiers in Earth Sciences. Open Access, 6, 173, doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00173


  • De Vleeschouwer, D., Da Silva, A.C., Sinnesael, M., Chen, D., Day, J.E., Whalen, M.T., Guo, Z., Claeys, P. (accepted) Timing and Pacing of the Late Devonian mass extinction event regulated by eccentricity and obliquity. Nature Communications, 8, 2268. doi:10.1038/s41467-017-02407-1
  • Pas, D., Da Silva, A.C., Devleeschouwer, X., De Vleeschouwer, D., Cornet, P., Labaye, C., Boulvain, F. (2017) Insights into a million-year scale carbonate platform evolution through a pluri-disciplinary approach: example of a Givetian carbonate records from Belgium. Geological Magazine, 154/4, 707-739.
  • Miller, C.S., Petersen, F., Da Silva, A.C., Baranyi, V., Reichart, G.J, Kürschner, W.M. (2017) Astronomical age constraints and extinction mechanisms of the Late Triassic Carnian crisis. Scientific Report, 7, paper 2557.
  • Sardar Abadi, M., Kulagina, E., Voeten, D.F.A.E., Boulvain, F., Da Silva, A.C., (2017) Sedimentologic and paleoclimatic reconstructions of carbonate factory evolution in the Alborz Basin (northern Iran) indicate a global response to Early Carboniferous (Tournaisian) glaciations. Sedimentary Geology. 348, 19-36.



  • Da Silva, A.C., Hladil, J.; Chadimová, L.; Slavík, L.; Hilgen, F.J.; Bábek, O.; Dekkers, M.J. (2016) Refining the Early Devonian time scale using Milankovitch cyclicity in Lochkovian–Pragian sediments (Prague Synform, Czech Republic). Earth and Planetary Science letters. 455, 125-139
  • Belghithi, H., Boulvain, F., Yaich, C., Da Silva, A.C. (2016) Evolution des séries silicoclastiques miocènes en Tunisie Centrale : cas du Djebel Khechem El Artsouma. Carnet de Géologie, 16/23, 557-568
  • Könighsof, P., Da Silva, A.C., Suttner, T., Kido, E., Waters, J., Carmichael, K., Jansen, U., Pas, D. Spassov, S.  (2016) Shallow water facies setting around the Kačák Event – a multidisciplinary approach. In: Becker, R. T., Königshof, P. & Brett, C. E. (eds) 2016. Devonian Climate, Sea Level and Evolutionary Events. Geol Soc. London Special Publication. 423. p171-199.     
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S. Kershaw (Université de Brunel, UK), Anette George (Western Australia), Adrian Cerepi et Corinne Loisy (Bordeaux France), Michael Whalen (Alaska, USA), Jindrich Hladil (Prague), Olivier Averbuch (Lille University, France), Mark Dekkers (Utrecht University, Netherland), Olivier Averbuch (Lille University, France), Joachim Reitner (Goettingen, Germany), Simo Spassov (Insitut de Physique du Globe de Dourbes, IRM, Belgium),…


  • Sports (climbing, slalom rollerblading)
  • "Bandes dessinées", cinema

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