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Damien Pas

Marie-Curie COFUND post-doctoral fellow

Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences

George Mason University

Fairfax, VA 22030


Phone: +1(571) 278-5031


Marie-Curie COFUND post-doctoral fellow




Teaching and supervision of students

2009 - 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Liege (total of ~250 hours/year): Supervision of MSc. and Bsc. students (Geology, Biology, Geography, Civil Engineer) for practical courses in general geology, sedimentary petrology, regional geology sedimentary processes and mapping geology.

2009 - 2016 Supervision of MSc thesis in geology (ULg).

2009 - 2016 Co-supervisor of student fieldwork. Geology of the Pyrenees, Alps and Montagnes Noires (France) (10 days).


August 2014 Fieldwork in Mongolia (1 month) in collaboration with the leaders of international UNESCO program (IGCP596) (International Geoscience Cooperation Program 596).

Sept. 2012 Several fieldworks in Belgium in collaboration with ULg, ULB and IRSNB (Frédéric Boulvain, Xavier Devleeschouwer and Pierre Bultynck)

July 2012 Fieldwork in the Carnic Alps (Autria/Italy) (1 month) in collaboration with the University of Graz (Thomas Suttner:

Sept. 2012 Fieldwork in the Rheinisches Schiefergebirge (2 weeks) in collaboration with the Senckenberg Institute (Peter Königshof:

Mar. 2009 Field survey in Nepal (2 months) in collaboration with the Thribuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal) (Megh Raj Dhital:

Sept. 2005 Fieldwork in the Eifel (Germany) (10 days) Msc thesis (University of Liège, supervisor: Prof. F. Boulvain)

Oceanographic campaign

Dec. 2010 Scientific crew member during an geophysical and geological survey REPREZAI (IFREMER) on board of the scientific vessel POURQUOI PAS (Project leader: Tania Marset:


Aug. 2014 IGCP596 & IGCP580 Join meeting and field-workshop, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

June 2012 GCP 580 Fourth annual meeting: Magnetic Susceptibility and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry through time, Graz (Austria)


2008 Project Engineer in a near and offshore geotechnical survey along the Atlantic coast in France (Employer: Tractebel Engineering GDF Suez;


International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), Geologica Belgica, IGCP580 and IGCP596.


2016 BeIPD-COFUND Outgoing fellowships (European Commission and University of Liege)

2016 Baron Van Ertborn Award (Royal Belgian Academy of Science).

2014 Laureate of the travel grant "Administration Recherche et Dévelopement de l'Université de Liège (ARD ULg) for the participation to the IGCP 596 & IGCP 580 Joint Meeting and Field-Workshop - Internatioanl Symposium in Mongolia.

2013 Austrian Academy of Science Grant for field works in the Devonian succession of the Carnic Alps (Austria/Italy).

2009 Laureate of the travel grant "Administration Recherche et Dévelopement de l'Université de Liège (ARD ULg)" for research stay at the University of Thribuvan, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Technical experiences


Good knowledge of: Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel Draw X7, Statistica and EndnoteX7


French (mother tongue); English (fluent knowledge); Dutch (scholar knowledge), Italian (beginner) and Russian (beginner)


Michael Whalen (Fairbank University, Alaska, USA), Anne-Christine Da Silva (Utrecht University, the Netherlands), James E. Day (Illinois State University), David De Vleeschouwer (MARUM Center, Germany), Carlo Corradini (Università di Cagliari, Italy), , Mathieu Martinez (MARUM Center, Germany), Monica Pondreli (Università d'Annunzio, Italy), Pierre Bultynck: (Department of Paleontology, RBINS, Belgium), Peter Königshof (Senckenberg, Germany), Thomas Suttner (GSA, Austria), Xavier Devleeschouwer (IRSNB, Belgium), Meg Rajh Dhital (Thribuvan Univerity, Nepal), Marie-Coen Aubert (IRSNB, Belgium)


Peer-reviewed international publication

In preparation

Published paper

Selected abstract of meetings

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