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IGCP-652 Meeting In China, Lanzhou 23 - 27 August 2019

IGCP 652 aims to build up a high-resolution and accurate Paleozoic time scale to understand tectonic, climatic and biologic evolutions. In order to promote exchanges and attract more researchers in Paleozoic research, we are pleased to announce that the IGCP-652 meeting 2019 will be hosted in the Lanzhou university, China, on 23 - 27 August 2019. Lanzhou University, by the Yellow River, has a long history of excellence in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and Earth sciences, and has been ranking as one of the top 30 among over 1,500 universities across China.
Lanzhou University will celebrate her 110 anniversaries in 17th September 2019 and the IGCP-652 meeting will also contribute to these celebrations. The topics of meeting are broad for the Paleozoic geologic timescale.

Complete information in the second circular to download here



Important dates (extented deadlines)

10 June 2019Abstract submission deadline and deadline for travel grant application

25 June 2019: Notification of the abstract acceptance

15 June 2019: Registration deadline for the workshop, field-trip and/or the meeting

05 July 2019: Final Program will be distributed




• Organizing committee:

Prof. Shuang Dai, Lanzhou University, Email:, Tel. and Fax. +86 931 8912307
Ms Chunlin Xue, Lanzhou University, Email:


Meeting Agenda and Participation Fees

21 - 22 August 2019: Pre-meeting workshop for spectral analysis. Lectures by Anne-Christine Da Silva from University of Liege and Xu Yao from Lanzhou University. Limited to 15 people. RMB Yuan 500 or USA dollars 75, or RMB Yuan 350 or USA dollars 50 for students (including coffee break and lunch).

23 - 25 August 2019: Pre-meeting fieldtrip to look at cyclical Cambrian - Ordovician platform and slope deposits, as well as bentonites in the southwestern Ordos, China. RMB Yuan 1600 or USA dollars 240, or RMB Yuan 1400 or USA dollars 200 for students. Accompanying persons: RMB Yuan 1400 or USA dollars 240. These fees will cover transport, accommodation (two nights) and food.

26 - 27 August 2019: Indoor meetings include oral presentations, poster sections, breakout group discussions and planning for future studies. RMB Yuan 900 or USA dollars 150 for regular attendants, RMB Yuan 600 or USA dollars 120 for students (including coffee break, lunch and dinner). Accompanying persons: RMB Yuan 600 or USA dollars 120.

Full Program: Participation Fee: RMB Yuan 2800 or USA dollars 400, or RMB Yuan 2000 or USA dollars 300 for students (Post-doctors, PHD students, Master students). Accompanying persons: RMB Yuan 2000 or USA dollars 300.


Pre-meeting Deadlines

Pre-meeting Deadlines
• First Circular - November 2018
• Deadline for registration to the meeting and/or fieldtrip, abstract submission and
grant applications - 15 May 2019
• Participation Fees due. Complete financial instructions will be communicated in
the second circular. - 1 June 2019
• Final Program will be distributed - 23 July 2019


Travel Grants.

IGCP-652 student members, who participate in the entire program (workshop + fieldtrip +
meeting) and submit an abstract, can apply for a travel grant. They should submit their application for a travel
grant together with their registration.
– The application requires submitting a letter of motivation and some specific details regarding location and
travel distance, affiliation, etc.
– In July, the organizing committee will distribute the available budget among the approved applications.
– Applicants are personally informed by the organizing committee about their travel grant. Travel grants
will be given to the participants at the meeting or send by bank transfer during the meeting.
– Students who submit an application for a travel grant, should pay participation fees. The travel grants serve only to support travel and accomodation.

Travel grant application should be send to Shuang Dai ( and A.C. Da Silva (







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