Souvenirs from IGCP-580

- on this page, pictures are available, as well as pdf of the abstract books, field trip guide books and training books published in the framework of IGCP-580




All th

> Meeting in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia 2014

> Meeting in Calgary, Canada (27th Aug. - 4th Sept. 2013)

> Meeting in Austria, Graz (24-30 th June 2012)

Graz meeting

> Special session in Brussels, Geologica Belgica international meeting (11-14 sept. 2012, Brussels, Belgium).



> Special session in Brisbane Australia, 34thIGC (July 2012).


- 2013 Final year of our project and final meeting: If anyone is interested to organize this final meeting, please get in touch with me (

- For the end of our project, we would like to propose a thematic book (Special issue of the Geological society of London or …). If you are interested you can already keep some interesting data for this issue, 2013 is approaching very fast.

2011 Meeeting in Czech Republic:

- Pictures of the meeting are available at there (thanks to Pavel Lisy)

- Abstract books and field trip guide book of the third IGCP-580 meeting in Prague are available at this address:

- Training lectures are available there, thanks to F. Hrouda and M. Chadima.

- Group picture from the Third IGCP-580 meeting in Prague (Czech Republic).

IGCP-580 Prague meeting

Group picture from the Second (2010) IGCP-580 meeting in Guilin (China). Further pictures on this page.

Group picture from the First IGCP-580 meeting in Liège (Belgium). Further pictures on this page.

IGCP-580 liege meeting

- The special issue of Geologica Belgica related to the IGCP project is available there.



no abstract books yet but there were some cool ones related to IGCP580

Abstract book from IGCP580

2014: meeting in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia - Abstract book - field trip guide book


2013: meeting in Calgary, Canada - Abstract book - Core workshop and appendix


2012: meeting in Graz, Austria - Abstract book and field trip guide book


2011: meeting in Praha, Czech Republic - Abstract book - Field trip guide book


2010: meeting in Guillin, China - Abstract book - Field trip guide book


2009: Meeting in Liège, Belgium - Abstract book and field trip guide book


Training book from IGCP580

Please do not use any of the picture or text from the presentations without the authorisation of the authors.

Training-Core workshop proposed during the IGCP-580-596 meeting in Calgary (Canada, 27 Aug. - 4th Sept. 2013)

Core Workshop proposed by Ken Potma (Esso) and John Weissenberger (Husky) in the Core Research Centre, allowing a 3D overview of the Frasnian deposits through the observation of about 25 cores. Guide book and core descriptions.


Lectures-Trainings proposed during the Third IGCP-580 meeting in Prague (Czech Republic, 12-18 October 2011).

- M. Chadima (AGICO) Processing MS data, MFK1 Kappabridge and Safyr4W Software. Presentation Chadima in pdf

- F. Hrouda (Charles University) Frequency-Dependent MS and Out-of-Phase MS Modelling (key note and training course). Presentation Hrouda in pdf


Lectures-Trainings proposed during the First IGCP-580 meeting in Liège (Belgium, 2-6 Decembre 2009).

- B.B. Ellwood (Department of Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University, U.S.A.): Magnetic susceptibility: instruments, units, standardization and various approaches for using MS data sets for correlations. Presentation Ellwood in pdf

- S. Spassov (Centre de Physique du Globe, IRM, Dourbes, Belgium): The potential of mineral magnetism for studying past and present environment. Presentation Spassov in pdf

- M. Chadima (AGICO) Magnetic susceptibility and its variations with temperature, measuring field and operating frequency: examples from various rock types. Presentation Chadima in pdf

- X. Devleeschouwer (Sedimentologie et dynamique des bassins, ULB, Belgium): Rock magnetism in the sedimentary record: history of magnetism, magnetic mineralogy; magnetic susceptibility thermomagnetism and hysteresis applications conducted simultaneously. Presentation Devleeschouwer in pdf










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