Meetings, activities and fiels trips related to IGCP-652


FIRST IGCP-652 Meeting In Bremen

Mark your agenda's!! The IGCP-652 Meeting "Reading time in Paleozoic sedimentary Rock" will take place in Bremen from 12 - 19 September. Stay tuned for possible financial support to attend the meeting.


Second newsletter with all info can be downloaded from there



• Organizing committee: David De Vleeschouwer, Peter Königshof (Germany)
• Scientific committee: Anne-Christine Da Silva (Belgium), Shuang Dai (China), Michael T. Whalen (USA) ,
L.T.P. Lan (Vietnam), Elise Nardin (France), Daniel R. Franco (Brazil)
• Correspondence: David De Vleeschouwer, Klagenfurterstr. 2 - 4, 28359 Bremen, Germany.


Meeting Agenda and Participation Fees

• 12 - 14 September 2018: Pre-meeting workshop (hands-on!) on time-series analysis of paleoclimate signals.
– Participation Fee: 150 or 50 euros for PhD, MSc and BSc students (including all teaching materials and
• 15 - 17 September 2018: Pre-meeting fieldtrip to look at cyclical Famennian deep-water deposits, as well as
the Frasnian-Famennian Kellwasser black shales in the Rhenish Massif and the Harz Mountains.
– Participation Fee: 300 euros (including transport to and from Bremen, accommodation and breakfast)
• 18 - 19 September 2018: IGCP-652 opening meeting to include presentations, breakout group discussions,
and planning for future studies.
– Participation Fee: 100 or 25 euros for PhD, MSc and BSc students (including coffee-breaks and conference
• 12 - 19 September 2018: Full Program Participation Fee: 475 or 300 euros for PhD, MSc and BSc students.

Registration Fees need to be paid before June 1st on BE65 6115 8182 8096 (BIC: DEUTBEBE).
Account name: David De Vleeschouwer.

As a communnication of payement please include: Registration fees Bremen IGCP-652 - your name and affiliation.

Please at the same time you pay the registration fees, send also an email to D. De Vleeschouwer ( with your name and affiliation.


Pre-meeting Deadlines

• Second Circular to IGCP 652 Participants - 6 February 2018
• Registration to the meeting and/or fieldtrip and/or workshop by email - DEADLINE 1 June 2018
• Participation Fees due. Financial instructions see above. - DEADLINE 1 June 2018
• Deadline for abstract submission. Abstract insturctions see below - DEADLINE 29 June 2018
• Final Program will be distributed - 15 August 2018


Travel Grants.

IGCP-652 student members, who participate in the entire program (workshop + fieldtrip +
meeting) and submit an abstract, can apply for a travel grant. They should submit their application for a travel
grant together with their registration (Deadline: 1 June 2018).
– The application requires submitting a letter of motivation and some specific details regarding location and
travel distance, affiliation, etc.
– Early July, the organizing committee will distribute the available budget among the approved applications.
– Applicants are personally informed by the organizing committee about their travel grant. Travel grants
will be given to the participants at the meeting or send by bank transfer during the meeting.
– Students who submit an application for a travel grant, should pay participation fees as laid out in this
document. The travel grants serve only to support travel and accomodation.

Travel grant application should be send to D. De Vleeschouwer ( and A.C. Da Silva (

Guidelines for abstract submission and presentation

• The language of the congress will be English
• Presenters can choose between an oral or poster presentation, please send your abstract to D. De Vleeschouwer ( . Oral presentations will be allocated 15 minutes
for his or her presentation plus five minutes for questions. Keynote speakers will be allocated 30 minutes. Poster
presentations will be discussed during a poster session. Posters should be prepared in A0, portrait mode.
• Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines when preparing abstracts:
– Title: Arial, 14 point font size, bold.
– Authors: Arial, bold 11 point font size. Underline the presenting author.
– Affiliation: Arial, 10 point font (no bold)
– Abstract content: Text only Arial, 11 point font size. (No bold) Single space. Maximum of 500 words and
1 figure.
– Abstracts must be submitted in .DOC or .DOCX and .PDF format.
• Authors need to specifiy their prefered type of presentation when submitting the abstract: Oral Presentation
OR Poster Presentation. The organizing committee will try to accomodate all request, however, depending on
the amount of submitted abstracts, some oral requests might be assigned a poster presentation.
• Submission by email before 29 June 2018








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